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Clear Advantage's heat reducing, high-performance windshields give you unmatched value and comfort by providing:

Get The Pilkington Clear Advantage

  • Verify that you get authentic Pilkington product installed your vehicle
  • Review the "Bug" on your automotive glass to verify you've had authentic Pilkington glass installed
  • Look for the following Department Of Transportantion (DOT) codes, the Pilkington name, or both for verification
  • DOT15 - DOT177 - DOT682 - DOT404 - DOT23 - DOT247

Solar Control Performance

  • Our coated windshields reflect more than 30% of the sun's damaging rays
  • Increased protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays helps to prevent damage to your skin and eyes
  • More protection for your car's dashboard, seats, and and other interior finishes
  • Clear Advantage EZ-Kool® technology combined with an solor absorbing innerlayer can reduce interior heat by up to 40°F

Reduced Cabin Noise

  • Our multi-layered windshield technology helps to reduce in-cabin noise
  • Increased comfort through reduced engine, wind and road sounds
  • Will not compromise the operation of other devices like radios, phones, GPS systems or alarms

Improved Safety

  • In case of breakage, an embedded safety film (PVB) holds your windshield glass in place
  • Helps protect you from personal injury
  • Helps protect your car from vandalism and theft
  • Won't interfere with phones or security systems

Greener Solutions

  • Clear Advantage windshield glass is manufactured with respect for the environment
  • Made with 15% recycled glass to help reduce the energy required in manufacturing
  • Controling the heat energy entering your vehicle has a direct impact on mobile air-conditioning usage and leads to reduced fuel consumption and CO2 output
  • Decreases the need for air conditioning and improves fuel efficiency

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